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Skype: klmled88
Skype: klmled88

Company News >> LED Damage Caused by The Main Reasons
 ① Sudden increase in supply voltage.
② A component of the line or printed lines or other wires short circuit and the formation of LED power supply circuit of the local short circuit, so that the voltage increases.
③ A LED because of its own quality damage and thus form a short circuit, it is the original voltage drop passed on to other LED.
④ Lamp temperature is too high, so that the characteristics of the LED deterioration.
⑤ Lamps into the water inside, water is conductive.
⑥ In the assembly did not do a good job of anti-static work, so that the internal LED has been hurt by the static electricity. Although the application of the normal voltage and current values, but also easily lead to LED damage.

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Skype: klmled88