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Skype: klmled88
Skype: klmled88

Company News >> LED Light Source Advantages
 As a kind of lighting technology with the latest appearance time, the advantages of LED are not only reflected in the luminous quality, but also greatly surpass traditional light sources such as incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp in its production, manufacture and usability. Since its birth in the 1960s, Got a great development and application.
As opposed to incandescent, fluorescent and other older generation of light-emitting devices, LED’s advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1.LED structure in the absence of glass shell, do not need to incandescent or fluorescent lamps in the vacuum tube or into a specific gas, so the earthquake, impact resistance is good, to the production, transportation, use of all aspects of convenience.
2.LED components can do very small volume, more convenient for a variety of equipment layout and design.
3.LED light emitted by the high concentration of energy concentrated in the smaller wavelength window, high purity.
4.LED components of the life is very long, generally between 50,000 -10 million hours, even if the switch is frequent, it will not affect the service life.
5.LED response time is very fast, in the microsecond level.
6.LED’s luminous point is very strong, the brightness attenuation is much lower than traditional light sources.
7.LED in the production process do not add “mercury”, very environmentally friendly. 8.LED low-voltage direct current can be driven, the use of the environment less demanding.
These advantages of LED luminaire not only lay a solid foundation for its extensive application in daily lighting field, but also create a promising road for LED into display field.
However, LED is not from the very beginning has so many advantages, but also after a long period of development, let’s look at the LED from birth to now have undergone the development and changes in the road.

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Skype: klmled88